Near Shore Top Talent (Near Shore Delivery Centre)

To better meet Client needs, we are strengthening IT Outsourcing and Staffing Services by the use of Nearshore and Onshore Models for multiple verticals in the US and Canada.  Deegit Inc has already established Offices in Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Hyderabad (India) and now Deegit acquired NS TopTalent, an emerging staffing Company in Latin America.

Sourcing from Latin America will help the company in Global Sourcing Strategies for the US Market, Mexico in particular, where talent pool  is abundant.

By better utilizing creative sourcing strategies, we provide an effective Solution which effects 10 to 20% decrease of the total cost of outsourced Professional Talent.

Nearshore sourcing is accomplished by utilizing the talent and experience of professionals from Latin America, mainly Mexico, working either at our Client’s site in the US or in our remotely in any of our Operating centres across the Globe.

Key Success Factors

  • We build pools of pre-qualified resources in key areas of technology allowing us to close the gap between recruiting in Mexico and deployment in the US
  • In our experience, 70 to 75% of US positions can be sourced from Mexico depending on the skill-pool and technology
  • We are combining Deegit’s strengths and understanding of Client’s processes and needs in the US, with NS Top Talent’s experience and understanding of the IT  Market in Latin-America to better meet short and long term requirements
  • The possibility to build a long term Sourcing Strategy, with the flexibility and capabilities offered by a Nearshore Model
  • Sustainability and Global Sourcing Models, that can incorporate offsite training prior to US deployment as well as low cost development programs for recent graduates from Mexico’s top Universities
  • Latin America, and in particular Mexico, offers a growing pool of experienced Consultants in key technologies and areas of business that opens the door to new sourcing strategies for the US
  • Nearshore becomes a targeted solution and a competitive advantage to reduce costs, reduce attrition rates and increase response time
  • Fast processes to complete work visa requirements for the US and Canada in 2 to 3 weeks, unrestricted number of visas
  • Possibility to have specialized resources flying back to their home cities in Mexico, same way US consultants do to reduce expenses.

A snapshot on Mexico :

•      Total population: 104 million

•      GDP: 625 BUSD (world’s 10th economy)

•      Second USA trade partner (Canada 1st)

•      4th country in number of airports and 1st in daily flights to and from the U.S.

•      7th exporting economy

•      Ranked 5th in per-capita foreign direct investment received

•      Largest Spanish speaking population (U.S. – 5th)

•      Best country in Latin America in terms of technological accomplishment, according to the UN

Challenges in recruiting in Near Shore Market derives on;

–     The right experience and skill set,

–     English communication skills

–     Willingness to relocate

–     Mid-term professional goals

–     Compensation

–     Family and Other personal considerations

–     Cycle time and commitments till the placement process completes.